Design Work – BeeGreenFarm
Design Work

Bettina, founder and creator of BeeGreenFarm has had a love for growing and nurturing flora and fauna from a young age. Bettina spent the last  30 years as a landscape designer in Southern California where she was known for her extraordinary gardens. After starting the farm Bettina has spent less and less time in others gardens rather tending to her own. Bettina occasionally takes on projects curating a special flora/fauna experience that lasts a lifetime.

Special Events

One of Bettina's leading principles in design is sustainability. All too often cut flowers are used for special occasions: dinner parties, weddings, etc. Bettina will help you create a breathtaking experience using all living flora and fauna which can be re-purposed in your garden, given to your guests or planted in a public space after your event. We pride ourselves in a zero waste experience. We do events of all sizes and scope. For more information please email us at